Almost Time To Leave

Disney World is only a few days away, and we are all getting anxious.  We have reservations for some of the best buffets around, and being we are on Annual Passeswe can go in, and out of the parks as much as we want.

I forgot to give my wife our “Packing List”, and she has made it abundantly clear that anything we forget is my fault.  I got her the list so that we can get this done without incident.  The listwas put together so that we can be sure to have everything.  She has added a few things to our list this year.  She is concerned that they may be needed.  We haven’t needed them before, but she has added things like day creams, curling iron, and some dress clothing.  The dress clothing I understand in case we go to a nicer restaurant, but the creams…?

When we make up the list we make our little one write down what games she is bringing for her DS, and PSP.  This is so that we can keep track of the games when we pack to leave for home.  We have limited how many games because we know that kids have a tendancy to lose things.  Last trip to Disney World we forgot a dvd that we had brought.  The things that the maids find in a Disney hotel at cleanup time is probably amazing.

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