Raglan Road Expands Lunch Offerings

Downtown Disney is home to Raglan Road.  The restaurant is very nice, and I had the opportunity to eat there a few years back.  I haven’t been there since, but wouldn’t mind going at it again.  Recently Raglan Road added a “Flat Bread” section to their lunch menu.  Lunch is available from 11am to 3pm daily.  For those watching their calories, and such please keep in mind that this is probably not meant for those using a quick weight loss product.

Fresh baked Flatbreads $12


Sliced Banger
– Guiness and onion infused pork sausage, caramelized red onion, grape tomatoes and Dubliner cheese.

Peppers and Goat Cheese
– Roasted baby peppers, goat cheese and grape tomatoes.

BBQ Chicken
– Grilled chicken breast with goats cheese, tomatoes red onion in Guiness BBQ sauce.

Salmon and Goats Cheese
– Salmon, goats cheese, grape tomatoes, chive dressing and watercress.

Irish Bacon and Cabbage
– Honey and whiskey-glazed Irish Bacon, sauteed cabbage, Dubliner cheddar cheese and diced potatoes.

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