Busing By Disney

Someone said to me the other day that Mears, and Disney have to be tied together somehow.  There would be nothing illegal about it.  I just wish that Disney would be straight forward when they do things.  Enough of the politics.  I wouldn’t have ever thought of it, but he has a point.  Disney is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Flordia, and they have Mears driving their customers to, and from the airports, to, and from the cruise, and taxis that only bear the Mears name around the Disney property.  No money, or credit card is needed.  All you have to do is have a reservation in one of the Disney resorts.

I thought about it, and it made a lot of sense.  I mean think of this… Disney Magical Express is a bus service, and they have their own section of the Orlando International Airport.  No other area attraction has any type of service like this.  Why would Disney have an outside company bus their customers if they didn’t need to?  There are several Disney Cruise buses that say Mears as well.  These things all lead me to believe that either Disney is in bed with them, or Mears coexists with Disney in more ways than would appear.  I may even be wrong.  For all I know it is done strictly for the tax benefits.

What are your thoughts?  Maybe it is just me, but it does look a bit suspect to me.

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