High Altitude Jobs In Disney

Have you ever stopped, and looked at how many people have jobs that require them to be at great heights?  In DisneyLand there is a group of climbers that climb the Matterhorn mountain.  In Disney World Mickey Mouse is on top of the mountain in Fantasmic.  In WDW there are a lot of buildings that are tall, and someone must maintain them.  On the Disney Cruise I have seen the guys that work on the side of the boat at pretty great heights.  I can’t even imagine what that job is like, nor would I want to.  I am not afraid of heights, but I limit how much “Height” I will tolerate.  To work that job I would hope that the people have gotten some good life insurance rates.  I am sure that they are very safe, but anything can happen in life.  What kind of person looks through the paper for a job that requires “High Flying Work?”

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