I Love My Disney Things

Just the other day I was talking to someone and we were discussing things that we can’t do without.  I told them that I cannot do without my Disney vacations, and whenever possible I like to have Disney, or Mickey stuff.  My wife will get me things whenever she can find them, and when I do ask for something I have to wonder whether or not she looked for that item.  She knows I love Disney, and she also knew I needed a new leather wallet.  I now realize just how hard it is to find something, but also realize that if you look hard enough you will find it.  I got a plain old leather wallet, and I really wanted a Mickey Mouse wallet.  No… Not a childs wallet, but a wallet that was more for the man.

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Mickey Swimming Pools Are Cool

I am a big Disney person.  I am continually checking through the tv guide for shows that involve Disney.  One of the best types of shows that I really enjoy are the Disney “Makeover” shows.   I envy the people on those shows because they actually have a one of a kind Disney creation in their home, and it isn’t something you can buy for any money.

Before I got our swimming pool I told my wife that I would love to have a Mickey pool.  The problem would have been size, and safety.  I believe in having a totally seperate swimming pool fence in addition to the yard fence.  Do a Google search for Mickey swimming pools.  You will find quite a few imitations, but not a true Mickey head.  A Mickey pool fenced off would be a unique fencing job unless you just put a square fence around the head.

Have you ever thought about the different things you could do with your swimming pool?

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Shopping For Gifts While Away

When we go to the Disney World Resort in Florida we always find ourselves looking for some sort of souvenier, or gifts for upcoming holidays.  Finding the unique gift that you would want to give someone is always a challenge.  My little brother “L” is a football person, and likes the Giants.  Well, we have looked high and low, but we cannot seem to find any sort of Mickey Mouse with Giants clothing.

We even thought of getting him a stuffed Mickey Mouse, and then using NFL shop coupons to get some Giants clothing.  We decided that it just wouldn’t be the same as buying something that is already done up.  Throwing something together isn’t the same as searching for that one of a kind gift.

What do you think about our manner of thinking?

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Disney Gift Giving

Christmas is upon us in just a little over a month.  With the holiday gift giving going on it brings a question to my mind.  What does Mickey Mouse get for Minnie Mouse at Christmas?  I am sure that they exchange cheese, and things like that.  I wonder if Mickey would get into video games?  I know he needs something to take his mind off the continual work that they have him doing in Walt Disney World, DisneyLand, and all the other parks.

One of these years I think Mickey should just pop the question and ask Minnie to marry him.  This would be the ultimate in Christmas gifts for girlfriends in my opinion.  It should have happened by now as far as I am concerned.  At least they were living in seperate houses until the Fantasyland Expansion started.

While I am in Disney World this December I plan on going to visit them with my family.  We usually get some good group shots with them.

What do you think about how long this relationship has been going on?  Don’t you think that they should get married, and get it over with?

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Disney Speakers Wanted

We have done some slight remodeling at our house, and in the process brought a little of Disney in.  We have always wanted to have a bit more Disney, but cost is a big factor.  The other day we again watched the HGTV show My Yard Goes Disney.  After seeing this show my daughter complained that I never find a way to get chosen for these types of shows.  After watching them I realized that each of them has been done in Florida.  I am sure that this is because Disney puts some serious amount of money into the projects, and they are designed in Disney.

mickey-speakerI can’t do anything major in my backyard that I can think of, but I would like to request that if anyone can find me a set of Mickey floor standing speakers for out by my swimming pool let me know.  We play music outside a lot of time during the summer, and we also like our backyard to look good for the horseshoe tournaments, and pool parties that we have.  I would also get a second pair for use inside my house in the living room, or downstairs in the theater room.

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