Midship Detective Agency

Onboard the Disney Dream during the first 4 nights of our back to back 7 night cruise we decided to check out the Midship Detective Agency.  This is an interactive mystery that is available to everyone.  There are 2 different cases, and the outcome is the same each time no matter how many times you do the case.

We went to Deck 5, and got our detective card.  You also get a map of the interactive locations around the ship.  When you get to each location you hold the detective card up and the photos on the wall give clues as to help solve the mystery at hand.  They worked almost like those barcode scanners at the stores.

Due to time management issues we didn’t get to do the second case.  This was a fun thing to help pass a little bit of time on the ship.  We weren’t told that you had to return the card, but we did.  When you are done with the case you return the card to the same location on Deck 5.

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