Disney Gift Giving

Christmas is upon us in just a little over a month.  With the holiday gift giving going on it brings a question to my mind.  What does Mickey Mouse get for Minnie Mouse at Christmas?  I am sure that they exchange cheese, and things like that.  I wonder if Mickey would get into video games?  I know he needs something to take his mind off the continual work that they have him doing in Walt Disney World, DisneyLand, and all the other parks.

One of these years I think Mickey should just pop the question and ask Minnie to marry him.  This would be the ultimate in Christmas gifts for girlfriends in my opinion.  It should have happened by now as far as I am concerned.  At least they were living in seperate houses until the Fantasyland Expansion started.

While I am in Disney World this December I plan on going to visit them with my family.  We usually get some good group shots with them.

What do you think about how long this relationship has been going on?  Don’t you think that they should get married, and get it over with?

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