What Will Become Of Captain EO?

I know that it was rumored that Disney had originally brought back Captain EO for a limited time.  We took my daughter to see the show last time we were in the parks because she had never seen the show before.  There was something different, or maybe I am wrong.  The show was the same, but I think that maybe they did something to the theater when it went to “Honey I Shrunk”.

Has anyone else been to the show?  Were you at the show in its beginning?  Did you find anything different?

On a side note… Why is it that Michael Jackson seems to get a lot of things named, and termed after him now that he is gone?  I have seen so many different things that seem like they are just money makers for the Jacksons.  There are even Thriller radii shoes that resemble shoes like MJ had in one or two of his videos.

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