Getting A Job With Disney

If you are ever thinking about pursuing a job with Disney it is very easy, but may take a little while.  When you are there are there all you have to do is go to the employment building which is right across from Downtown Disney.  Once there just fill out the necessary applications, and if there is an available person you can get a interview.

I am sure that once you apply you have to go through drug testing, and pre-employment screening, but that won’t be during the first visit as far as I know.  When I applied for employment with Disney I got to speak to someone, and they were going to see if there was a job that fit my desires.  A week later I got a call with the offered work, and the rate of pay that I could receive if hired.

Being we make decisions as a family I discussed the opportunity with my wife.  She told me that I could take the job, but I would have to go to work in Orlando for a month, or so before she would make the jump of moving down to Florida.  I understand her reasons to this.  I ended up not taking the job because I enjoy working for myself, and I do exactly what I like doing.  I am sure that I could have gotten a good position with Disney, but at that time the changes would have been major for us.

Who knows… Maybe when I am older I will rethink the whole idea again.  I would rather greet people at Disney World instead of greeting people at WalMart.

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Disney And Clean Energy

For many years I have been amazed by what the power of the sun can really do for us.  Many years ago I started going on the Epcot attraction “Universe of Energy.”  This ride is partially powered by solar electricity.  This saves some serious money as far as I am concerned.


The original Universe of Energy pavilion itself was an innovation in energy technology, as the entire roof was covered in 80,000 photovoltaic solar cells that partially powered the ride vehicles. Visitors were transported through the pavilion in large battery-powered “traveling theatre cars” that followed guide-wires embedded in the floor as opposed to riding along conventional ride tracks. The original attraction featured numerous films that presented information on the subject of energy in a serious fashion as well as a ride through a primeval diorama complete with animatronic dinosaurs.

So why hasn’t Disney put more solar into their parks?

I am sure that there must be some reason that Disney hasn’t implemented solar into the parks, but they have not released any formal answer to this question.  From everything that I have read the only “Green” thing that they have accomplished to date is the replacement of light bulbs with LED bulbs.  This is a big savings.

I am taking the leap ahead with solar.  I started by checking out all of the options for New Jersey energy savings.  I couldn’t afford to purchase the system, so I am doing a lease.  I still get all the benefits of lower priced electric.

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Eating In Disney World

Here is some information to take into consideration when you visit Disney World, and dining is about to come into play.  These are all things that we practice when vacationing with the mouse.

When planning your vacation make sure to book any desired meals well in advance.  Most restaurants book up quickly, and during PEAK times the dining is sometimes even harder to work with.  Check out the Disney dining system by CLICKING HERE.

If you are going into the parks for a day take some small food with you so that you can snack and not have to purchase as much while in the parks.  We go out to the Super WalMart when we get to Florida and we purchase some food that our diet supplements out like candies, and ready made lunches.  We take them into the parks, and eat them as necessary to save some cash.

Weigh out the cost of eating individual meals without a dining plan.  Calculate one of the cheaper locations in WDW, and then calculate what the dining plan would cost instead.  9 times out of 10 the dining plan will work out more feasible.

If you are in a DVC room, or any room that has refrigerator, microwave, etc., then leave the park at peak hours, and go back to your room to eat.

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Saving Money In Disney World

I have been a long time Disney person.  My wife, and I have learned many tricks to saving money while in Walt Disney World.  One of the things that we did find out during our second to last trip to Florida was that while Disney offers the convenience of instant gratification for most things that you need they are also very pricey for most of those things.

We were there for Easter, and I wanted to get some flowers for my wife.  When I called I was transferred to one place that was willing to help with ordering.  After I requested the price for what I was looking for I thought that I was going to be ill.  I thanked them, and decided to pass.  My next move was to start searching on the internet for “saving money on flowers in Disney World”.  I found a lot of different ways to save money, but I also found out that I was only actually saving a few dollars off what Disney would have charged.

Have you ever found that the high price of a place wasn’t as high as you thought?

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How Can Disney Do It?

When I bought our Disney Vacation Club (DVC) membership our family was happy that we wouldn’t have to spend what we used to in order to vacation.  In the past few years we were never sorry about purchasing our timeshare.  This year my wife mentioned that maybe we should sell it off, but I refuse to.  With the continuing economic worries I have noticed more, and more people losing their homes, and getting rid of their posessions in order to keep afloat.

How can Disney keep going with their “Magic Box” of plans that they are working on?  They have the Hawaii resort, the Fantasyland Expansion, the Washington National Harbor purchase, and other assorted different projects going on throughout the other parks.  The Fantasyland Expansion has to be costing a pretty penny, and if you have watched any news, or read the internet you would see that Disney profits have not been great because of the economy.

When I look at the financial situation that most of the U.S. is in I only wonder why Disney would keep going with high priced plans that may not pan out profitable immediatelly.  Even the state of Florida made it to 2nd place for foreclosure rate in the nation for November 2009.  NJ seemingly hasn’t had as many foreclosures, but the initial foreclosure rate was very high.

Wife mentioned that we could sell off our house, and move down to the Carolinas.  I explained to her that my business is still successful here, and moving would be be a fatal move for me.  I have done my research, and even the Outer banks foreclosures are high currently.

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