Disney World Monorail Crash

I just read some startling news.  This news is the first of its fatal kind for the monorails in @ 38 years.  Evidently 2 monorails crashed at the Disney World Resort in Florida.  1 driver was killed, and the other is fine.  Information states that there were only a few guests on the monorail at the time.  Some reports say on the Epcot rail, and others say Ticket & Transportation, while others say the Magic Kingdom area.  Many of the sources at the scene are stating Ticket & Transportation.

What never stops amazing me is how fast a company can blackout the media, and other sources on the web.  All video of the crash was pulled from YouTube due to copyright issues.


A strange photo because it shows the monorails out on the track.

The image below shows the monorails in one the loading areas.


ORLANDO, Fla. — A Walt Disney World employee was killed when two monorails carrying several guests collided at Magic Kingdom, emergency officials said. ONLY ON CLICKORLANDO.COM:
VIDEO: Guests Try To Help Driver
 According to Reedy Creek Emergency Services, the monorails collided at about 2 a.m. Sunday, killing one of the train operators.

 The name of the driver has not been released. The operator of the other monorail was not injured.

 Eight other people were evaluated after the crash, but no other injuries were reported.

 A witness told Local 6 News that he heard a loud crashing noise when the monorails collided. Video obtained exclusively by Local 6 News shows guests trying to help the driver who was killed in the crash.

 The monorail has been closed, and an investigation into the fatal accident is under way.

 Walt Disney World vice president of public affairs Mike Griffin issued a statement offering condolences to the employee’s family.

 “Today, we mourn the loss of a fellow cast member. Our hearts go out to the family and fellow cast members who lost a coworker and a friend. Safety of our guests and cast members is our top priority. We will work with law enforcement to determine what happened,” Griffin said in the statement.

 A Disney spokeswoman declined to discuss details of the accident.

From everything that I know the monorails are working in conjunction with sensors throughout the track.  The sensors cause the monorails to stop if the computer system sees an issue, or safety problem caused by being too close, etc.  According to outside sources the monorails controls can be overriden.  This leaves the question… Mechanical failure, Human error, or Both?

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