Disney Monorail Jobs Look Easy Don’t They?

When I was younger I sometimes wondered what it would be like to operate a Disney monorail. We used to always try to ride in the front of the monorail when I was younger.  Now that is all but gone since the accident in 2009.  I always thought that it couldn’t be any harder than operating a car, or truck.  Now that I think about it there is a lot more at play.  The monorail operators have a huge job at hand.

I am sure it is a job that is almost like getting subway jobs like subway operators, and train operators.  There has to be stress, and a very observant person.

Is there an actual license that the monorail operators need to get?  How hard is it to actually operate a monorail?


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No More Front Seat Of Monorail

Being I haven’t read this info anywhere I just wanted to inform. Just confirmed… There are no more rides at the front of the monorails. I have been told this stopped after the tragic monorail crash.

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