Disney Plays Music Almost Everywhere

When you are in Disney have you ever noticed that they play music almost everywhere?  If I am correct they even have music in some of the bathrooms.  Actually there is no music in the monorail.

Knowing about electronics I am confident that they must spend a serious amount of money on their stereo equipment.  With all the equipment that they have I wonder if they have any Marshall avt50h units in use anywhere.  I saw a show one time that explained how the rides all get their music, and sounds from a giant computer rack that is housed in the utilidors.

There are times I wonder if this is the most efficient system because if one wire breaks then they have a serious amount of wire to rerun.  I have yet to see wireless speakers in Disney, but I am sure that they have thought of that.

Interesting fact… The speakers around the Illuminations lagoon were originally designed for military purposes.  The manufacturer of them is Bose.

Have you noticed music playing anywhere around Disney that you wouldn’t think is normal?

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