Things We Miss Seeing Around Disney

Back in 2003 when my little one was still a baby we purchased My Pal Mickey.  My Pal Mickey was a 10.5″ stuffed doll Mickey Mouse that had electronics in him.  Throughout the park he would give you park information, time, interesting facts, and even play some games.  Finding My Pal Mickey is one of the hardest things to do.  For the most part you can’t even find any accessories for him.  We have gotten lucky enough to find some accessories for him when we go to the Disney Outlet Store.

My Pal Mickey had a lifetime warranty for the most part.  When we purchased him we were given the idea of taking the epson receipt printer receipt, and putting it inside the body of Mickey.  This was so that the standard person wouldn’t misplace the receipt, as Disney wouldn’t make any exchanges on him without the receipt.

We don’t see him much anymore, and I wonder why.  We put him away, as he was a little bit of a pain to carry around.  Recently we ran into him again, and thought about selling him off when we get around to selling a lot of other Disney things like games, and also sell used books, and collectibles that we found from Disney past that my wife doesn’t want anymore.

Do you, or did you ever have a My Pal Mickey?  What did you think of it?

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Disney’s My Pal Mickey


I was amazed to get a email about this a while ago, but the My Pal Mickey has been discontinued.

My daughter got one years ago, and she loves it. Actually, the husband, and I like it also.

While I am sure there were some issues with the item, I am sure that it was a success. Disney only states that even though the My Pal Mickey is discontinued, he will continue to operate. You can still find some at select locations throughout the Disney Resort.

My Pal Mickey is an item that you carry around with you, and he plays interactive games, and gives important park updates, like times, and Fastpass info.

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