Richard Petty Rookie Experience Review

While we were in Orlando, Florida we were given the opportunity to review the Rookie Driving Experience at the Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Walt Disney World Speedway.

The Richard Petty Experience is run during the morning hours.  This is because the Indycar Experience is run on the same track in the afternoons.  Upon arrival you are given some paperwork to fill out.  You get a lanyard to keep.  You are also given a driving suit for your use.  Then you sit down for a few videos that give you a rundown on how the experience will work, and what you are allowed to do, and not allowed to do.  After this is all done you are brought out onto the track area, and the group sits in the bleachers until a driver is called.  Each driver goes the designated amount of laps in their purchase.

Not being a race car enthusiast I was rather amazed at what it actually felt like being in a Nascar moving along at speeds better than I can do anywhere else legally.  On that topic… I got a ticket going to Florida this trip because I failed to remember that Virginia isn’t for lovers… It is for Tickets.  I wasn’t going extremelly faster than the speed limit, but the officer didn’t cut me slack either.

What I saw was that several people went on the ride-along first, then went on the Rookie experience.  This gives a bit more understanding of what you will experience.  After you are done racing you wait for the remaining drivers to finish, and then you are given a “Graduation.”  This is basically where you are given your lap times, and some other things.  Once you are done you can go over to the counter to purchase videos of the driving experience.  You can also purchase plaques, and other things.

If you bring back your lap times, video, or something like that you can get a discount on future race experiences.

If you are into cars, then I definitelly recommend this.  If you are into fast driving, then this is for you.  The staff was very courteous, and the experience went off without any hitches.  If you want to see what the experience is all about, but don’t know if you want to spend money you can always go to the track and spectate.  As I was told… Spectators are always welcome.

I was given the opportunity to review the experience so as to give my opinion of what I experienced.  This review was not influenced by receiving a complimentary experience.

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