Character Difference

Have you ever noticed how many Disney characters are based around “Old & Evil” look?  Even though I am a well seasoned Disney veteran I don’t claim to know everything, but I do know a lot.  Disney has added many characters over the years.  Well, I wouldn’t have noticed it as much if it wasn’t for my little one asking me about those characters.  I tried explaining about what the “Old & Evil” ones stand for.

I explained to her that the “Old & Evil” looking ones are Villains, while the “Young & Innocent” ones are the opposite.  Without these characters there would be no conflict, which would in turn cause there to be no story.

After that I told her that all Disney has to do is put some wrinkle fillers on the “Old & Evil” ones, and they wouldn’t look any different than the others.  In the same respect the other characters just have to age, and they would look the same.  Oddly enough I don’t believe there have been many characters that have aged at all.

I just happened to be surfing around, and found a picture that sums this all up… This shouldn’t be offensive.

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