Smoking In Disney World

My uncle is a big cigar smoker.  I haven’t been to Disney World with him as far back as I remember.  He used to go to DisneyLand to just sit and eat, and enjoy the atmosphere while smoking his cigars.  Needless to say that he obviously can’t do that anymore. I just found out in searching through the maps of Downtown Disney that there is a cigar bar named Fuego.  This sounds like a place that my uncle would really enjoy.  I can imagine the money that they are making, and wonder if they actually sell cigars also.

Nevermind… Disney is against smokers.

While I am talking about smoking…
Smoking outside is still outside. If you don’t like the smoke, then walk somewhere else. How can the government justify putting any restrictions on our outside areas? What’s next… Our homes? Our cars? Our funerals? Let everyone do as they wish. If it isn’t illegal to smoke, or drink, then stop being the concerned mother. You can be concerned if you police both equally.

Now that Disney has alienated the smokers I don’t enjoy my time there as much because I have to be inconvenienced in many ways.  I used to be able to smoke in our room, and that has changed.  They ended that abruptly for everyone including DVC.  Now they just offer a “Cleaning” fee if you are found to be smoking in the rooms.  In the parks you need a map to find the smoking areas.  By the way… the smoking areas seem to move around based on the time of year at the parks.  Several have not moved, but several have moved.  Why do the smokers have to take so much garbage?  Can anyone actually point me to any statistic that actually states “Smoking” as a killer?  I think not.  Actually I know not.  Cancer is caused by many things, and smoking has been part of the hitlist for a long time.

When the government realizes that alcohol does more damage than cigarettes we will have a changed nation.  The reason I think the government doesn’t want to do anything is any of the following reasons… DWI fines, Alcohol taxes, and Alcohol “Proceeds”.

Big Brother can claim all that they want, but until they have solid proof of cigarettes actually killing someone, then they should leave the smokers alone. Once again… Show me one statistical chart showing “SMOKING” as the cause of death, and I may reconcider my opinion, and thoughts.

Disney… stop the one way thinking, and start thinking “Fully Politically Correct.” If you are going to be narrow minded, then make sure you don’t look like a hypocrite. If you are going to stop the smoking because it is “Bad for You”, then I would suggest you look at the other family member… Alcohol. I know I won’t get a DWS (Driving While Smoking) offense on my license. I also know that one cigarette too many won’t cause me to drive erratic, and crash into a bus full of people and kill them. Also think of how many cartoons showed characters smoking in them. How can you change your thinking process? Is it because so many alcohol companies are willing to get into bed with you so both of you can make money?

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