What I Miss About Orlando & Disney

Whenever we go to Disney World I make it a point to take my wife, and daughter to the Disney Outlets that are in Orlando.  They usually have some really good deals, and we usually spend a good amount of money there.  Why they haven’t put a Disney Outlet in this part of the U.S. is what puzzles me.  What we have found is that while the actual stores deny that Disney is in control that they are a Disney location.  They basically carry hot sellers, irregulars, and other things that may not have been so hot selling in the parks. 

If they are unsure of where they could put it they can get a spot in the mall that has a lot of other outlets in it.  That mall has a Sony, Gap, Cole Haan, Bass, Burbury, and that is only a few of the other stores that are in the mall.  The people of the Northeast would probably love to have an outlet here.  I am also sure that Disney could make some serious money from it.

If you have a Disney Outlet in your area, then please let me know about it, as I am going to make a list of Disney Outlets up, and would like your feedback.

Would you go to a Disney Outlet if they were to put one in your area?

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