Why Can’t I Find More Apps

I have a Droid from Sprint, and I am continually searching the Android Market for new apps that I can use.  I have noticed that some companies seem to have their phone apps focused on IPhones.  I honestly don’t understand why they would center on one type of phone rather than on all types of phones.  I sometimes wonder if they get a portion of the profits from apps sold for IPhones.

I am getting ready to look into purchasing an Android App Maker package that I ran into.  I know that a lot more people that I know have Droids.  What surprised me was that my father now has a Droid.  Then again I sometimes think that he has to stay up to date with what the smarter boys have.  I convinced my brother to get a Droid, and then it land slided from there.

What type of phone do you have?  What is your take on the IPhone?  What is your take on Android?


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Disney Dining Plans: What Do You Get.

For the last many years when we go away to Disney World we have gotten the Disney Dining Plan.  What is the dining plan you ask.  Well, the dining plan is a way to not have to worry about cash, or actual cost of the meal.  It is a very simple way of life while in Disney World.  There are many different dining plans available.  Prices vary, and different options come with each one.  Each of the food dining plans is based per night of your reservation.  You cannot take it for a portion of your stay.  You must take it for the entire duration.

When we go we generally go on the Disney Dining plan.  We eat like kings, and queens.  We regret it when we get home, but you only live once, and we can’t get Disney food at home.  I mean I wish I could, but my wife is definitelly no Disney chef.  We always say that not even the best weight loss supplement could help in Disney World.

Counter meals are meals that you go to the counter to get your food.

We recommend places like “The Pepper Market” to get the most for your dollar.

Table meals are meals that you sit down, and you are served fully.

Make your reservations as soon as possible, as locations book quickly.

The refillable mug is for use at your resort.

Click on the dining you are interested in to see the Official Disney brochure.




Sit Down


 Refillable Mug Snacks  
Disney Quick Dining 2 Per Night    Included 2 Per Night $31.99 Adult$9.99 Child
Disney Dining 1 Per Night 1 Per Night   1 Per Night $41.99 Adult$11.99 Child 
Disney Deluxe Dining   Included $71.99 Adult$20.99 Child
Magic Your Way Premium Dining    Included $164 Adult$114 Child
Magic Your Way Platinum Dining    3 Included $220 Adult$154 Child
Disney Wine N Dine Dining         $39.99 Per Reservation

Side Note…

Prices can vary based on time of year.  Check prices before booking.

Here are some notes…

From the Disney Files publication…

“…Wishes will require Members to pay for their Disney Dining Plan upon booking (rather than upon check-in), and Member making cash reservations must pay for one night plus tax upon booking.”

and from DVCMember.Com (The DVC Member website)…

“Members who don’t wish to pay in advance will still have the option of adding their Disney Dining Plan to their reservation as many as 48 hours prior to arrival and paying for the plan just prior to the start of their vacation.”

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Package Pickup In Disney World

So I have been asked several times… “What is package pickup?”

Unless something has changed here is the information.

When you purchase an item in Disney World, and you are a resort guest you can choose to have the package delivered to your resort so that you don’t have to carry it around.  This can be done if you are still staying in the Disney resort through the next night.  If you are checking out the next morning, then you will not be able to do this.

Basically once you make your purchase let the cashier know that you are a resort guest.  They will give you a form to fill out.  You will receive a copy of the form.  Usually within 24 hours your package will be delivered to your resort.

Package pickup at the resorts varies based upon the resort.  Majority of the time the packages will be at the gift shop of the resort you are staying.

If you are a day guest you can elect to have the packages delivered to specified locations for each park.  At the end of the day you go to the location, and pickup your packages.  This will also make it so you don’t have to carry them around all day.

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