Hunting For Cruise Necessities

Leaving for our Disney Cruise in just about 14 days we are scrambling to get everything accomplished that we need done. We have been so consumed with getting our groups T-Shirts done that we never got to finish shopping for our Fish Extender goods. Now we are running around getting the stuff we need to get our Fish Extenders ready, and packed. We tried to think of anything that would go well for either kids, or adults. The FE is a very hard thing to prepare for.

Finding a large amount of things for a reasonable rate is a hard thing to do.  We found a real nice deal on EBay for some noise cancelling headphones. They were decorated, and good for boys, or girls. The cost is what set us back. We have thought of small toys, and some specialty things that we could make, but haven’t come to final thoughts on what to do.

So you ask “What is a Fish Extender?”

A Fish Extender is a set of pockets that hang outside of your cruise stateroom door. Usually before a cruise you get to talk to some of the other people that are going on the cruise on some sort of cruise forum. For our purposes it was DisBoards, and our own Facebook Group. Each participating person puts something surprise inside the FE. It is like Christmas in a way.

Have you ever participated in a FE? Have you ever done a Disney Cruise?

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Disney Magic Here We Come

In just about 3 weeks we leave for our 8 night cruise on the Disney Magic.  We are destined for the Bahamas, Castaway Cay, and Disney World.  We have both finished printing and finishing the shirts, and magnets for our group.  It took some time, but we got it finished.

My wife has finally started to organize what is going, and what needs to be packed.  We don’t want to bring a lot of luggage onboard with us, but there are necessities that are needed for a 8 night trip.  I have told my wife that we will more than likely pack enough for 4 nights and use the washer and dryer on the ship.  It is a shame we don’t have a timeshare for the day because we could then just wash and dry at the resort.

The family has been discussing if we are going to bring anything super formal for formal night, but we aren’t really formal people.  The rest of the packing will be normal stuff that is used all the time.  I have to go do some shopping with my daughter to find some cheap perfume for my wife.  My daughter is useful for some things when it comes to her mother / my wife.  There is only one thing that she must not pinch pennies on, and that is the sunscreen.  Last cruise I got sun poisoning, and don’t intend to get it again.

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Starting To Prepare Odds N Ends For Cruise

I have learned a lot of different things about cruising being that I have been on 4 Disney cruises already.  I have recently offered my help in being the group leader for both of our upcoming Disney Dream cruises.  I will be the person that organizes the spreadsheets, and comes up with the group pins for wearing around the boat.

I learned a valuable lesson on our second cruise.  That was to put a laptop in a laptop case, and not use things like briefcases.  I used a briefcase originally because I felt it was more structurally sound than a laptop case.  I was originally under the thought that a passport wasn’t needed.  According to the passport site you don’t need one for most cruises.  Disney wants passports for all their cruises.

When planning for Fish Extenders be sure to check over your groups spreadsheet.  Miscounting one person could be a bad thing.  Having a group t-shirt for your family is a good thing because you will be able to find your party easily.  For those that like to decorate their rooms there is some important information for you.  Disney has mentioned imposing fees for damaging stateroom doors.  Use magnets when possible.  They will not damage doors.

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Almost Time To Leave

Disney World is only a few days away, and we are all getting anxious.  We have reservations for some of the best buffets around, and being we are on Annual Passeswe can go in, and out of the parks as much as we want.

I forgot to give my wife our “Packing List”, and she has made it abundantly clear that anything we forget is my fault.  I got her the list so that we can get this done without incident.  The listwas put together so that we can be sure to have everything.  She has added a few things to our list this year.  She is concerned that they may be needed.  We haven’t needed them before, but she has added things like day creams, curling iron, and some dress clothing.  The dress clothing I understand in case we go to a nicer restaurant, but the creams…?

When we make up the list we make our little one write down what games she is bringing for her DS, and PSP.  This is so that we can keep track of the games when we pack to leave for home.  We have limited how many games because we know that kids have a tendancy to lose things.  Last trip to Disney World we forgot a dvd that we had brought.  The things that the maids find in a Disney hotel at cleanup time is probably amazing.

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Packing Tips For The Cruise

When going on a Disney Cruise, or any cruise there are some things you need to make sure you have when you pack.

Here is a listing of a lot of things that are must haves…

  • Reservations, Airline Passes (If applicable)
  • Passport, License, Digital Camera, Video Camera, Video Tapes / DVD’s
  • Money, Travelers Checks, Credit Cards, etc..
  • Sea Sickness Tablets, etc., Tretinoin gel, Diet pills
  • Feminine Personals, Male Personals 
  • Dress clothing for “Formal” dining
  • Shorts, T-Shirts, Flip Flop type shoes
  • Pants, Shirts, Sneakers
  • Make-up for the women, Cologne, Perfume
  • Books, Laptop, Walkie Talkies
  • Pins for Trading, Autograph Books

Side note… Take a day bag with you when boarding.  This is because you will not get to see your luggage till much later on, and you may want to go swimming, or whatever, and need a change of clothing, or whatever might be necessary until you can get to your luggage.

This is only a preliminary listing, and your packing list should be unique to you, and your family.  One of the last times we went I forgot my passport, and had to have a friend go back to my house, and immediatelly fax it to the port.  This is not allowed anymore from my understanding.  Try to keep it light, as you will need to lug these bags through customs when getting off the boat.

When you go on a Disney Cruise don’t forget to tell them if you have cruised Disney previously.  This is so that you can get the Castaway Club gifts that are given to past cruisers.

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