Disney and Your Feet

Walking through Disney World is a challenge to most people.  Finding shorter ways to get somewhere has been a routine for me.  My wife isn’t bothered by how much walking we do anymore.  Yes, she always has sore feet at the end of the day, but for her walking is like taking fat burners.  By the way… Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes.

In Epcot there is no real way to cut down the distance one would walk if you are going to go through all of World Showcase.  In the Magic Kingdom a smart person would break it down to areas, and also you can take a train from multiple places back to the beginning.  The Animal Kingdom has the same unique problem that Epcot has.  You pretty much need to do it all, or break it up into multiple days.  Hollywood Studios is wider than it is deep.  The walk here is ok, as it is like sections, and if you aren’t going into a specific area, then you can avoid that.

When walking in any of the parks be sure to pace yourself, and drink plenty of water.

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