Halloween With Disney In Spirit

We have rerouted our next few vacations because we are going on the 8 night Disney cruise out of New York in late 2012.  We are also going to Disney World around Christmas this year.  Family just hasn’t been the same the last few years, and we decided that we are going to start doing what we want.

We had a ritual of going to Disney for Halloween for many years, and that was fun for all of us.  Now that we aren’t going for Halloween my daughter wants to do Halloween activities.  That’s understandable, but she just notified us that she wants to purchase a costume for her dog Shockie.  She said Mickey Mouse, or something like that.  Why would anyone want to dress up a rat in a costume?  Why my daughter wants to dress any animal is what I don’t understand.

I should have a Disney Halloween party, and send out Halloween invitations so that everyone can come and have fun.

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