Disney Can Do Anything With Photos

Over the past few years we have noticed Disney doing some odd things with photos.  Disney can do some amazing things with a photo, and it can all be done in a matter of no time while waiting at the park.

My daughter, and my wife have both been caught holding Tink, Simba, and even looking at Stitch in a box.

Well I have decided to start toying with graphic editing.  I decided to try and dabble with the aging process.  I am not a professional at this, but it was a 5 minute attempt.  (If it was just that easy to remove wrinkles as it was to produce a few.)

And here is my attempt at a photo with Jessica Rabbit…

I have been slowly learning more and more about graphic manipulation.  I have been doing light graphic work for t-shirts, and other stuff, but nothing elaborate as of yet.

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Live Photos Of The Disney Dream

Thanks to a fellow cruiser that we have been talking to, Martin2611, these are photos of the Dream being worked on, and the concept model at the MeyerWerft facility.  Click on any of them for a larger view.

Thank you Martin2611.

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Views Of The Disney Dream… No It’s Not A Dream

I am continually checking to see if Meyer Werft has exposed anything that will give us a view of the Disney Dream.  Well, to my surprise they have.  I have attached the most recent picture from their webcam.

Any updated Disney Dream photos will be visible by clicking HERE.

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Some Flower & Garden Photos

Here is our first album of photos.

These are flowers and more throughout the parks.  This will be updated daily while we are in Disney.

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Disney Photo Of Day 1


This photo was taken at the entrance to Epcot which is currently running the Flower & Garden Festival.

Keep looking for more photos.

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