Disney Can Do Anything With Photos

Over the past few years we have noticed Disney doing some odd things with photos.  Disney can do some amazing things with a photo, and it can all be done in a matter of no time while waiting at the park.

My daughter, and my wife have both been caught holding Tink, Simba, and even looking at Stitch in a box.

Well I have decided to start toying with graphic editing.  I decided to try and dabble with the aging process.  I am not a professional at this, but it was a 5 minute attempt.  (If it was just that easy to remove wrinkles as it was to produce a few.)

And here is my attempt at a photo with Jessica Rabbit…

I have been slowly learning more and more about graphic manipulation.  I have been doing light graphic work for t-shirts, and other stuff, but nothing elaborate as of yet.

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