Disney Planning With Friends

Vacation with friends has been something that we wanted to do for many years.  This past October we met up with a friend of ours in Disney.  They ended up staying in our timeshare because they wanted to stay in some nice accomodations rather than staying in just a standard hotel.  This coming trip we are going back, and we asked if they wanted to go back.  They said that they couldn’t, but wanted to because they had a blast.  Betweeen my planning, and helping with their vacation they had nothing to worry about.

I asked another of our friends, and they said that they would think about it, but they currently had reservations at some gulf shores condos.  I asked why they wanted to do that, and thye told me that they wanted to just go and relax for once.  I told them that if anything changed they could let me know.

This Easter we are staying in Old Key West.  We have been waitlisted for the Animal Kingdom Villas again, but that doesn’t look very promising at this point.  We liked the Animal Kingdom Villas because it was nice to be able to look out our window to see animals, and the environment there is very nice.

We have always stayed in Old Key West in the past, and that was due to the fact that Old Key West used the least amount of vacation points from the DVC.  After looking over the recently modified DVC planner we found that Old Key West is not the cheapest point usage locations.  We have now started to revamp our future plans based on this so that we don’t waste any points.

In 2011 we are planning on going on the Disney Dream.  We have made the decision that we are going to do a 3 night, and then a 4 night immediatelly after.  We have done the 3 night, and the 4 night previously, but we want to do another 7 nights, and pricewise this is the only way that I can afford it, and also the Disney Dream isn’t doing 7 nights at that point in time so we are going to do whatever we have to in order to get on that cruise.

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Starting To Plan For March Trip

Well, we are going back to Disney World in March / April of this year.  We will be staying in our DVC accomodations.  We have decided we are going to be driving down in our KIA.  Flight costs are still a bit high, and I can’t justify spending that kind of money.  On top of that I would need a rental car because we like to go out on the town, and taxis are out of the question.

In going through the attic the other day the wife pulled out our suitcases, and noticed that they were a bit worn.  I told her to start looking for some decent luggage on the web.  Well, she found a few nice sets that we looked through.  The best ones that she found were Eagle Creek luggage.  I told her to keep an eye on them since we needed them.  We just started hunting for our Disney World Annual Passes, as they get locked up when we come home, and this time I am not sure where I put them.

We are going to do some blogging from Disney World, and we will be sending back any information that we can.  If you think of any questions that you want answered then please comment here, and we will get the answers for you.

BTW… Has anyone stayed at the Bay Lake Towers, and gone up on the roof?  If so How is the view?

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Software To Help DVC Members

I recently came upon a site that offered a software title that would help DVC Members in their planning, and use of their membership.  It is called Mouse Manager.

There is a PC, and a Mac version available.

You can check out the site, and software by CLICKING HERE.

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Disney & Our Current Economy

I was talking to someone the other day, and they were telling me that they were looking to go to Disney, but money was a bit rough with them at that time.  I tried working them out some prices for when they were looking to go.

After discussing the possibility of going he told me that he had to finish up with his debt consolidation before he could entertain the thought anymore.

The economy is reducing a lot of vacations from everything I am reading.  I can only afford to go away because I own my timeshare with Disney.  If it wasn’t for that factor, then my family probably wouldn’t be going to Disney again at this point in time.

We aren’t going to fly, but instead we are driving.  The cost of driving is cheaper than flying because I own the car, and I won’t have to get a rental when getting there, plus I can make my own agenda for vacation, rather than dealing with flight schedules, etc.

We got a Studio Villa in Old Key West Resort, and then moving over to a Studio with Savannah View at Animal Kingdom Villas.  We are more than likely going to get the food plan.  It would probably work out to be roughly the same price as buying foods to cook, and purchasing snacks in the parks.

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Planning Your Disney Vacation

Many people have no idea where to start, or what they need when planning a trip to Disney. I have successfully mastered this part. I have been doing this for @15 years with my family, and I have also taken some of what I learned from my parents into this.

Here is a complete rundown from top to bottom on planning a complete Disney Vacation.

  • Start looking for flights, or rental cars months earlier than you are going. (Most flight companies offer specials up to 3 months prior to flying.)
  • If driving to Disney, then contact AAA (if you are a member), and check on driving routes, etc. If you aren’t a member, then think about getting AAA, as a breakdown on the road could be costly.
  • If you are driving with a camper, then start looking for a place to stop for the night if you are going to stop on your way. read more
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