2012 Disney Cruise Points Now Published

If you are a DVC member, then you know what the DVCMember.Com site is all about.  Well, the points charts for the 2012 cruise sailing calendar are now available on the DVCMember site.

For those that have taken my advice, and bought into DVC I applaud you.

For those still sitting on the fence I have put copies of the points charts below.

  • Disney Dream 3 night Bahama {filelink=8}
  • Disney Dream 4 night Bahama {filelink=9}
  • Disney Dream 5 night Bahama {filelink=10}
  • Disney Wonder 6 & 7 night Mexican Riviera {filelink=11}
  • Disney Fantasy 7 night Eastern Caribbean {filelink=12}
  • Disney Magic 7 night Eastern Caribbean {filelink=13}
  • Disney Fantasy 7 night Western Caribbean {filelink=14}
  • Disney Magic 7 night Western Caribbean {filelink=15}
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DVC Unveils New Point Solution

We have been a Disney Vacation Club member for years, and we have only used our points in Disney World at this point.  My wife has mentioned using our points elsewhere like on Branson vacation packages, or even the Poconos.  I have no yen to do this because the vacation still costs additional money when not in a Disney resort.  On top of that I like Disney, and that is that. 

Being a Disney Vacation Club member I read a lot of different things pertaining to DVC.  I know a lot of DVC’ers that will rent off their points if they aren’t going to use them, and it is a win-win situation for everyone.  Well, Disney Vacation Club is now offering a new way to get points if you are short.

I would never do this because $15 a point is a bit steep.  I have sources to get points for $9 and up.

One-Time-Use Vacation Points

See the details on how you can purchase a minimal number of additional vacation points to use towards your stay of choice.As a Disney Vacation Club Member, occasionally you may find yourself in need of just few extra vacation points in order to book that perfect dream vacation. Previously, this required borrowing vacation points from a future use year, but very recently a new alternative was introduced. They’re called “one-time-use” vacation points and are available for a fee of $15 ($13.33 plus $1.67 tax) per vacation point. Availability of one-time-use vacation points may be limited or suspended from time to time, and the fee is subject to change.


  • One-time-use vacation points are vacation points available for Disney Vacation Club Members to use as an alternative to borrowing vacation points from the following use year’s allotment. 
  • You can obtain a maximum of 24 one-time-use vacation points once per use year per membership.
  • A maximum of 24 one-time-use vacation points are processed in a single transaction, not multiple transactions.
  • The fee for one-time-use vacation points is $15 (including tax) per vacation point, and is subject to change.
  • One-time-use vacation points expire according to the use year of the reservation booked and are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be banked or borrowed.
  • One-time-use vacation points are not available for waitlist reservations.
  • One-time-use vacation points cannot be applied retroactively to existing reservations.
  • One-time-use vacation points are only available for Members whose contract is closed and in good standing.
  • One-time-use vacation points are available only for Disney Vacation Club resorts, Disney Collection, Adventurer Collection and World Passport Collection reservations.
  • One-time-use vacation points used for Disney Vacation Club resort reservations can only be used up to 7 months prior to arrival.
  • One-time-use vacation points for Disney Collection, Adventurer Collection and World Passport reservations can be used according to the booking guidelines for each individual collection.
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