Disney Pools Become Handicapped Friendly

On our recent trip to Disney World we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Villas.  We make a point to go to the pool during any, and all of our trips.  The pools in Disney are always the right temperature no matter what time of year.

While we were at the swimming pool we noticed something new that has never been seen during previous trips.  We saw that handicapped lifts were now installed at the jacuzzi, and also the swimming pool area.  These are lifts that appear the user must change over from their wheelchair to the lift chair.  I have seen different ones in other places that look like the stair lifts.

After I did some research I was advised that Disney has been doing this to make sure all guests can be accommodated.  I don’t know how true this is, but it is nice to see that the handicapped, and the disabled can now enjoy the pool no matter what.


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Mickey Swimming Pools Are Cool

I am a big Disney person.  I am continually checking through the tv guide for shows that involve Disney.  One of the best types of shows that I really enjoy are the Disney “Makeover” shows.   I envy the people on those shows because they actually have a one of a kind Disney creation in their home, and it isn’t something you can buy for any money.

Before I got our swimming pool I told my wife that I would love to have a Mickey pool.  The problem would have been size, and safety.  I believe in having a totally seperate swimming pool fence in addition to the yard fence.  Do a Google search for Mickey swimming pools.  You will find quite a few imitations, but not a true Mickey head.  A Mickey pool fenced off would be a unique fencing job unless you just put a square fence around the head.

Have you ever thought about the different things you could do with your swimming pool?

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Swimming In Disney World

Being a Disney Vacation Club member we have had our opportunities to stay in many of the resorts.  On top of that I stayed at many as a child, and when I met my wife.  After going to Disney World at almost every time of the year we have come to find out that the swimming pools are usable almost anytime of the year.  I can only imagine the bill that Disney spends to keep the pools warm.  On top of the utility they spend a good penny on the other equipment similar to Rheem heat pumps.  I can’t say what the temperature is of the pools, but they are comfortable.  Getting out of the pools during certain times of the year is a different story.

I remember the first time we went as a family to Disney during one of the colder months how my wife and daughter thought I was crazy to say that we were going to be able to go swimming.  Now that my daughter knows Disney World has heated pools she insists on going swimming whenever we are down there.  She gets to flaunt to her friends that she is going swimming during the winter.

Back here in New Jersey she gets mad because we close the pool in September, and don’t open it until roughly June.  This is because I didn’t want to have the expense of gas, or the heater unit.

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Disney Spring Float Kids Boat Ariel Review

A few years ago we purchased some swimming pool lounges.  My daughter had one that she liked.  She never could find another that she really liked, so she hasn’t had one.  Recently we had the opportunity to have her give us her impression of the Disney Spring Float Kids Boat Ariel by Swimways.

Today was girls day in the pool.  My wife, and daughter went out to the pool with their lounges, and relaxed.



My rundown is as such… The float is well designed.  It has a internal bladder for blowing up with air.  The size of the float was much bigger than we expected.  My daughter is taller than most other 9 year olds.  The coloring of the material was bright.  The float also coils up into a small ring for storage.

My daughters rundown… She feels that it is sturdy enough for children to play on.  It allowed her to get only slightly wet while on it.

The 2 of us like the product, and would definitelly recommend it to others.

Swimways does carry a small Disney line that has both boy, and girl items.  Check their site for other items.

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Some Stuff To Note

Upcoming Site Stuff…

A member area will be created that will have downloadable files of autographed character photos.  These make cheap, but one of a kind souveniers.

A member area will be created that will have downloadable ringtones in mp3, and wav format.

Upcoming Videos…

Video of the Treehouse Villas should be up within 24-48 hours.

Video of the Street Party parade in the Magic Kingdom should be up within 24-48 hours.

Photos of the Fort Wilderness Meadows pool should be up within 24-48 hours.

Questionable Things…

There is an island on Bay Lake other than Discovery Island. What is its name?
We had a boat captain tell us it was Shipwreck Island…
This was because Walt had crashed there…

Seven Seas lagoon being man made we all know, but it is called this because it is water from the seven seas… So says a boat captain.

Factual Things…

The new buses at Ft. Wilderness have a small display in the public view, and has a automated voice that calls out the next stop, etc.

All animals from Discovery Island went to Animal Kingdom.  They were transported by a boat named Disney Ark 1.

The Meadows pool area at Ft. Wilderness is in final stages of completion.  The slide, jacuzzi, and kiddie pool are finished.  There is other misc construction still going on.

Trails End buffet… There was prime rib, pizza, chilli, salad, shrimp, chicken, soup, desserts, and more.

For the vacationer with a car…  Sizzler @1 mile North of Downtown Disney on Apopka Vineland Rd. South has excellent food, and very cheap.  Another popular place is Ponderosa.

You can view a 3d model of the treehouses at Sarota Springs in the theatre.

You can walkthrough a actual model of the Animal Kingdom villas in the Saratoga Springs theatre.

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