Past Castaway Cay Issues

On one of our first 2 cruises with Disney the ship was denied access to Castaway Cay.  They tried numerous times to dock but due to weather they just couldn’t dock.  We wouldn’t have known we were at Castaway Cay trying to dock except the entire boat seemed to be vibrating.  I would have to assume that this was caused by the low  depths at the Cay.  I wonder with the new technology why it is so hard to dock.  They have propellers that turn to the sides, and lots more things that aid in docking.  I have always been curious how many times they have to change the thrust bearings, and other parts of this system.

We have been on the cruise since then, and gotten to get on Castaway Cay each time, but we were very disappointed the one time that we couldn’t dock.  Being that we are going on a “Back To Back” this April we are looking forward to seeing the Cay twice, but not necessarily looking forward to the Bahamas because the people there seem to follow you, and beg you to purchase their goods.

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