Final Prep For Easter Trip To WDW

Today I made some calls, paid some bills, and finished all the last minute preparations for our upcoming trip to WDW.  We had to make sure that we were going to actually stay in the timeshare because we have been talking about going down, and camping in Disney World with our camper.  We decided against doing that because of gas, time, and more.  Lastly I had to take care of getting our auto insurance straightened out, and everything else seems caught up for this trip.

We usually let my mother meet us in Disney when we go, but this year the wife, and daughter want to try out vacationing on our own.  We did it once before, and it was ok.  We are going to stay in Old Key West.  I had forgotten to make a few of our dining reservations, so I had to rush through, and get them made.  I luckily enough got all of the reservations that we wanted, so we will be eating rather well.  We made reservations for:

  1. Coral Reef
  2. Teppan Edo
  3. Chef Mickey’s
  4. Crystal Palace
  5. 1900 Park Fare
  6. Ohana
  7. Hollywood & Vine

I am unsure of the weather, so we are going to play that by ear for the next week, or so.  I am currently getting our laptops ready to go, and I got a wireless access point so that both of our laptops can be online in our room.

We are hoping to just do a bit of relaxing, but knowing that we won’t be going back to WDW for a bit is what bothers me.  I mean unless money gets better we aren’t planning on returning again this year.  We want to do the Disney Dream cruise in 2011, so we are going to try and save some money.

I plan on getting answers that you send me, and doing a bit of research on a few things, so please let me know if there is anything you need answered, or photographed, or video recorded.

Is anyone else going to Disney World for Easter?  Let me know.

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