Ft. Wilderness Jewelry

Back when I first met my wife, and we went to Disney World I wanted to get her the ultimate gift that came from Disney, but was mainly from me.  We stayed in Ft. Wilderness and on our way to the Hoop Dee Doo I specifically made it a point to stop by the jeweler that is across the way.  I told her that I wanted her to check out what they made there for people.  She thought the rings were awesome.  I was thinking of getting her one of these as a temporary thing until I could get her the actual engagement ring.  I did not end up getting her one at that point because she did express some desire to have something very nice made, but also a little bit pricey.

If there was only a guidance site like makemypromisering.com around when I first met my wife I would have been able to do this in a little more of an appropriate way.  There was never any sort of help for this type of things back then.

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