Mouse Surplus… What Happened To Them?

Back a few years ago my family, and I went to the original Mouse Surplus warehouse not far from the Orlando Airport.  MouseSurplus is better known as a Disney prop salvager as far as I am concerned.  We have purchased some things from their store, and would like to purchase again.  During our last few trips we have tried to get in touch with them to confirm that they are open, and that people can come by their location.  The phone number on the web doesn’t work, and the only thing that leads me to believe that they are still in existence is their online auction account is still active.

If you are unfamiliar with Mouse Surplus, then here is the highlight of the company for the most part…

That’s right… That is Monorail Red in the back.  They sold it.  Do some Google-ing, and see what happened to it in the end.

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