Another Site 4 All Of U

You can hop on over to GameBlogs4U.Com to see the new site.  This site will be about almost anything dealing with the gaming industry.

My family of sites includes:

  1. DisneyContestBlog
  2. JSComputerNJ
  3. JSComputer Deals
  4. GameBlogs4U
  5. MomsBlogs4U
  6. MyBlogs4U
  7. MyBlogsHome

We will be hosting contests whenever possible.

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Disney PS3 and a Split Second

I recently noticed that the Playstation Network had released a trailer for a new car video game that Disney is behind.  The name of the game is Split Second.

Unlike other racing games this is claimed to be above the rest in many respects.  Players will be able to dynamically change the racing course in realtime by triggering explosions, and more.  These changes to the course can help, or hinder the racers.  These changes can also make new routes that could help in winning.

The game is tenatively going to be released in 2010.

I am a big Burnout Paradise fan, but Disney may have just stolen my attention.

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Disney PS3 Themes

You will find a few Disney related themes here that I found on Http://

I will post more as I find them.

Would anyone like a DVC theme?

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