Large Scale Disney Puzzles

My wife and I love to find new things for us to do as a family.  One of the things that we have not done yet is to sit together as a family and work on a jigsaw puzzle.  Finding a good puzzle that is not too hard isn’t very easy.  What I would like to locate is a large scale puzzle dealing with Disney.  Because of a search I did on the internet I found a really nice site by Educa for puzzles the other day, but they like almost everyone else do not have anything Disney.

Puzzles don’t only have to be put together and then boxed up or thrown away.  A lot of puzzles look real nice as wall hangings, table covers, and other things.

Can you give me any suggestions where I might find some Disney puzzles lets say in the 1,000 piece category?  I don’t want any kiddie puzzle.  I would like to have a challenging activity for me, and my family.

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Disney Goodies Contest

This month I am giving away

(2) Disney Pirates of the Caribbean lithograph posters


(2) Winnie the Pooh Puzzle Magnets

(1) Disney Cruise Line Collector Pin


(2) Copy of Autographed Disney Character Photos (9 photos)


The photos are nice for someone that wants a photo with an autograph right on it of a character.

That’s right… There can be 7 winners this month.


Contest will run from 5.8.09 through 6-5-09

Contest is open to all.  Shipping to lower 48 is included.

 Ways to enter: 

  • Post a comment here telling which Pirate movie you liked most.


  • Post a comment here telling me which Princess means the most to you, and why.


  • Post a comment here telling me about your pin collection.

Do any of the 3 above, or all 3.  The more you comment, the more you get entered.

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