Speeding Experience In Disney

In 2 weeks I am going to Disney World.  I was lucky enough to be able to get a chance to see what the Indy Car Experience is like.  My brothers, and father have done the Richard Petty Experience in the past, but I have never done anything like this.  Yes, I do drive very fast when possible, but the speeds I will get to experience will be far more than I have ever, or will ever experience.

I have always wondered what kind of car insurance rates they have on the vehicles that you get in.  I know that they more than likely make you sign your life away before getting into the car, but that is part of the risk I am willing to take in order to finally see what the experience is like.  Maybe my wife should go get life insurance for me quickly.  On a serious note… I haven’t read of any issues at the Disney Speedway, and hope that none ever do.

Have you ever been on a “Race” experience before?  What was it like?

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