What An Amazing Find We Made

Recently we started cleaning out some things from many years ago that I had found.  In these items I found a old Mickey Mouse Christmas Ladder.  This ladder goes next to the Christmas Tree, and has lights, and moving parts.  I realized when we found it that it would take some serious amount of work to make this item work correctly.  I was going to throw it away, but my wife decided that the two of us should take a little time and try to make the necessary repairs.  After a few days we completed the repairs that we saw needed to be made.  Now the item is good as new.  The item won’t be sold by me, but I have seen this item go for some good money.  Thanks dear for advising me to keep it.


After we finished with that we continued going through the rest of the things that I had been collecting.  We found a very old 33 record, and book.  While these were nice back in the day the times have changed, and everything is audiobook, or other digital means.  If I had a usb turntable it may have swayed my decision to heave this item, but I am not going to go out and spend money to be able to use something that has absolutelly very little value at this point in time.

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Yeti Returns To Work…

Reports have it that the Yeti in Expedition Everest is back in “A” mode.  It is further rumored that he now just swings his arms.  This is pure speculation, but maybe maintenance finally figured out that him swinging down could have been what caused the initial injuries to his structure.

Good Work, and Kudos to Maintenance.

For those that don’t know the difference between “A” mode, and “B” mode…

There are 2 modes of operation for the Yeti.

A mode which is where the Yeti moves, and swings his arms as if to try to grab you.

B mode is where the Yeti essentially does nothing, and blowing air, and strobe lights “simulate” his moving.

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