Disney World & DisneyLand On Android Phones

I go to Disney World quite a bit.  I also change phones quite often.  I think that now that I have a Android phone from Sprint I will be staying here for a while.  I am always looking for Disney apps that will run on my phones.  It is usually very hard to find apps.  Most people that just want that quick fix will just go to m.disneyworld.com.  While this is a nice solution it is very generic information that is on that site.  I prefer to see what is going on with the lines inside the park.

Recently I was hunting through the Android Market, and found an app called Ride Hopper.  There are 2 versions.  A FREE version, and a PAID version.  The app is only $.99.  This is not a Disney produced title.

In the LITE version you can update times, and add rides / shows to your favorites.  In the FULL version you can start a timer when you enter a ride, and stop it when you get through the line.  Then the system will update with those times.  Either version will only allow upload of times if you are in the GPS location of the respective park.

If you want to check out the app, then you can scan in this QR code on your Android phone, and it will take you to the download.

You can also click the link below to get it from the Market.

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