Disney Plays Music Almost Everywhere

When you are in Disney have you ever noticed that they play music almost everywhere?  If I am correct they even have music in some of the bathrooms.  Actually there is no music in the monorail.

Knowing about electronics I am confident that they must spend a serious amount of money on their stereo equipment.  With all the equipment that they have I wonder if they have any Marshall avt50h units in use anywhere.  I saw a show one time that explained how the rides all get their music, and sounds from a giant computer rack that is housed in the utilidors.

There are times I wonder if this is the most efficient system because if one wire breaks then they have a serious amount of wire to rerun.  I have yet to see wireless speakers in Disney, but I am sure that they have thought of that.

Interesting fact… The speakers around the Illuminations lagoon were originally designed for military purposes.  The manufacturer of them is Bose.

Have you noticed music playing anywhere around Disney that you wouldn’t think is normal?

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Our Little One Is Growing Up

Many years ago my wife and I discussed that there would come a time when our little one would start to grow tired of Disney.  Now I don’t mean Disney World, but I mean all of the little Disney things.  She used to love having Disney posters, and stuffed animals around her room.  Now she wants things that a older girls wants.  Music posters, and stuff like that.  She doesn’t mind going to Disney World because we go to the parks that she wants, and go on rides that she wants.  We don’t make her go on the little kiddie rides anymore because she is very emotional about things.

When she started school this year we asked her if she was going to use her Disney backpack anymore, and she immediatelly told us NO.  I guess that she didn’t want to feel out of place.  This caused us to have to go buy her a new backpack.  The one we got looked more like the hiking backpacks look like.  This is what she chose, and we don’t want her to feel out of place now that she is in 6th grade.

When did you have to make major changes for your child?

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Add Some More Thrill And Understanding

It was always a rumor about another land in Disney World.  Villain Mountain I believe was the rumored name.  I have been going to Disney World since I was a baby.  I enjoy going on vacation there.  I have discussed with many other Disney lovers that Disney does need to add a little bit more flair to the parks.

I also see that Disney is a bit more strict with their handicapped policies.  From my understanding a handicapped person needs to go to Town Hall in Magic Kingdom to get a pass from them in order to use the handicapped entrances in the Magic Kingdom.  I know wheelchair people that have problems getting Disney to do anything because they don’t have necessary info upon going to the Guest Relations at the parks.  I would have thought that they wouldn’t give an issue to people that have shoulder braces, casts, wheelchairs, or other necessary needs.  During peak times this is pretty much thrown out the window from what I have witnessed.  They make everyone wait the same during certain times.

Disney is a great place, but they do need to think about some change.  Change is good.  Even if the executives don’t think they are… They might be.


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Disney World & My Wife Notes


When we go on vacation in Disney World my wife, and daughter are extremelly scared to go on most of the better rides.  The little one is odd because she went on Big Thunder 3 times in a row one year, and now she is unsure if she likes it.  Wife is a very hard one to get onto rides.  I have to threaten not to go on her rides if she won’t go on mine.

The wife went on Big Thunder last trip, and before going on it she said to me that we needed to get some home mortgage life insurance protection in case anything happened.  I told her it was all in her mind.  We will see what happens this trip, as she is a bit better with going on some rides.  The little one is very hard to predict, but hopefully she goes on some as well.

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Ever Wanted To Be A Disney Employee?

For those that have always dreamed of what it would be like to operate some of the Disney rides, then I have some links for you to check out.

These links will take you to another site that has designed a SIMULATOR (of sorts) that will let you see what it is like to control rides like:

Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Mission Space, and more.

Big Thunder – DisneyLand

Expedition Everest – Disney World

Millionaire – Disney World

Phantom Manor – Disneyland Paris

Space Mountain – DisneyLand

Tower Of Terror – Disney World

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