New Family Vacation Vehicle

We just bought a “New To Us” camper.  We have been trying to find another means of going away on vacation instead of just using our DVC timeshare.  Now that we have the camper we have been discussing a few little things that I want to pimp on the camper.

For the most part there are not many vehicles that have any major “Disney” theme.  I want to have one.  One of the few things that I want to do is to get a vinyl wrap for the rv.  I have a few things already thought of.  I want to put a multi-character tear on the back.  Then I want to put some sort of Mickey on the front.

Once I do that work then I will work on things for outside the camper.  Disney decorations, yard signs, and maybe some custom furniture.

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Ft. Wilderness Is A Great Place

For quite a few years we have been Disney Vacation Club owners.  Prior to that my wife and I spent quite a bit of money each time we went to the Disney World Resort in Florida.  One of our last trips before purchasing our DVC membership we started discussing driving down with a small camper behind the car.  The only thing that we would have to get was a camper, and rv insurance.  We both actually thought that we might be ok with doing this.  The Fort Wilderness campground is an excellent place to stay if you want a cheaper price.  On top of that the people that stay in Fort Wilderness are a different type of person.

Please take no objection to what I am stating.  As always… This is my opinion.

When you go to Disney World have you ever noticed how many people are just flat out rude, and obnoxious?  Have you ever noticed how many people unwittingly cause situations because of whatever reason?  Well, most of those people are from out of the country.  Almost any Disney veteran can acknowledge this as true.  There is nothing wrong with the foreigners.  What happens is that the first timers go to Disney World, and don’t understand our culture as well as they thought.  The folks in Fort Wilderness respect each other.  For the most part the visitors to Ft. Wilderness are people that camp a lot, and understand the camping lifestyle.

If you want to try out a new experience, and you have a camper then I suggest you give Ft. Wilderness a try.  I don’t think that you will regret it.


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Travelling To Disney

We originally started our travels to Florida by driving there.  One year we were leaving Florida and dropped my mother off at the airport.  Before we even got out of Florida my mother called and said that she was home.  After that we flew via Spirit for the next few years.  When the cost of flying got too much we started driving again.  This year when our insurance was cancelled we starting hunting through cheap car insurance quotes to find a price that would be good enough for us to have our camper on the insurance for when we ever do get to drive down to Florida with our camper.  Campers aren’t cheap to have on insurance.  We got lucky.

The last time we camped in Florida we drove down in my truck, and rented a camper from El Monte.  The prices were good, and we have been trying to decide if it is easier to rent one over towing one down to Florida.  The increased cost for gas, speed, and other factors make us not sure of what we want to do in the future.

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Disney’s Ft. Wilderness…My Opinion


My family has stayed at Ft. Wilderness many times.  We turned down going there this past trip because of money.  When we stay at the Ft. we enjoy the people we meet while there.  The people that live the RV life in Disney know how others want to be treated.  I would venture to say that all RV’ers that I have met at other rv parks other than Disney’s are very friendly.

The only thing that I don’t like, which may have changed by now, is that there is no internet access, and noone to clean up your place like the other Disney hotels, and resorts.  I am an internet junkie, and I need my fix no matter where I am, and that is why I also have a Blackberry.

Ft. Wilderness has changed quite a bit since I started going there as a child.  They never had cabins like they do today.  River Country was the water park of choice back then.  The Meadows Pool was recently renovated, and that was a good thing, as there was no decent pool for the campers.

One of the last times we went to Ft. Wilderness we rented an RV from a local outfit near Disney.  The price was a bit hefty, but we enjoyed it.  Staying in my parents RV is a bit tight with all of us when we all went.

All in all I enjoy staying in Ft. Wilderness.  Price means everything, and I would rather not spend extra gas to cart my camper down to Florida.  What extra money I would spend doing that I can just get an All Star room, and be happy.

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