Watersports In Disney World

Many years ago before I met my wife I had the opportunity to take part in a watersport while we were at the Disney World Resort in Florida.  I tried out waterskiing.  This was an experience for me.  Being a highly experienced swimmer, and diver I never thought of the other things that could be done on the water.  For me waterskiing was a bit tough because I had never done it, and usually a persons first time doing something tells whether or not they will do something again.  I enjoyed it, but for me I never did it again because of the cost.

I have been checking out the different things that can be done now at the Walt Disney Resort.  There is a Sammy Duvall watersport center at the Contemporary.  At that location you can get involved in parasailing, personal watercraft, and also towed water sports.

I know I won’t go near the parasailing because I am not that keen on heights.  What’s weird about that is in my line of work I go on rooftops without issue.  If I ever change my mind about parasailing I will be sure to ask about insurance.  The insurance is because if I do something that might finish me I want something to take care of my family.  I am sure people that dive out of airplanes have skydiving life insurance.  I hope they have parasailing insurance, or something like that.

Have you ever taken part in any of the Sammy Duvall activities in Disney World?

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