Home Automation Testing While In Disney

I have finished installing a vast array of automation equipment in my home.  This is on top of the cctv system, and alarm system.  A lot of this stuff was mainly for demo purposes for my business.  With the amount of times that we go away to Disney World it will be nice to be able to control some of our home via the home automation systems from my cell phone.  From Disney I will now be able to be secure in knowing if anything is going on that I need immediate attention to like water leaks, house temperature, etc.  I have seen a lot of the things similar to what I have when they had one of the sections in the Innoventions Pavilion.

Now my wife can yell at me for toying with my phone while we are away again because I will have to do some continual testing to see that everything works correct so I can adjust things accordingly.

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Disney Security & Children

While having a cigarette near the Tusker House in Animal Kingdom I looked over the wall at the water.  I happened to notice a child walking around in a place that he shouldn’t be.  The child had hopped a wall, and gone down an embankment to get where he was spotted by me.

I immediatelly notified an employee so that the childs safety wasn’t jeopardized.  I mean seriously, who wants to see any child get hurt if they could do something to possibly prevent it.  Security showed up, and spoke with the child.  Most of us would think that Disney would have taken this matter much more serious than I witnessed.  What do you think should have happened?

If it were me that did this they probably would have immediatelly ejected me from the park.

Well, none of what you think was done.  The security guard repremanded the child, and went on his way.  He didn’t even speak to the childs parent /  guardian.  Later on I saw what appeared to be a family that had no concern for what the child was doing.

The family was just sitting there, and didn’t know where the child was for most of the time that I was sitting in that area.

I will have a picture so you can all see the area that I am referring to.

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