Disney World Signs


Have you ever noticed how many “Welcome”, and entrance signs there are around Disney World in comparison to the “Exit” signs?  I have often wondered why a person doesn’t see many exit signs.  Maybe Disney doesn’t want you to actually leave in the hopes that you will get lost on grounds, and decide to stay.  Some of the signs on Disney grounds are a little vague.  I refer to the “XYZ Resort Area” signs.  If you don’t know in fact which resort you are in the area of, then you wouldn’t know which exit you would need to take to get back to your hotel.

Speaking of signs that you see an awful lot… Well being a smoker I notice that Disney doesn’t seem to like to publicize the whole smoking thing much.  They push us smokers into little corners that are out of site… out of mind.  Meanwhile the drunks get to run amuck in the parks in front of fragile children that shouldn’t have to be exposed to alcohol to begin with.  If they want to filter out smoking, then fair is fair… filter out the drinking.  Why make the Magic Kingdom “Alcohol Free”, and leave everything else subject to poor judgement?

I personally would like to see a few of these signs around Disney.  I don’t want my child subject to alcohol anyway you look at it.  I know quite a few alcoholics in my life.  There is casual drinking, and then there is out of control drinking.  I would venture to guess that at least 50%, or more don’t know when to say “NO!”

Have you ever noticed the “Speed Hump” sign?  Well, that sign alone says it all.  Since when did a bump become a hump?  This was weird for me to see for the first time, as it is very humorous in some ways.  That is a sign that belongs in New York City, and even Los Angeles.  (2 of the most well known “Shady” activity areas.)

Why can’t they keep it simple?

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What’s In A Sign?

The wife continues to look for signs around Disney that have odd sounding.  Well, as we find them we will let you know.  To date I am sure that there are more signs, but the one that stands out most in both of our heads is shown below…

Have you ever seen any “Strange / Funny” signs around Disney?  Where were they, or what did they say?

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