Eczema Issues In Disney

The doctor recently told my wife and I that our little one has a mild case of eczema.  He told us that a lot of things can cause it to act up, and on her heat is one of them.  Being we go to Disney at least once a year this news was not good for us.  So we asked the doctor what the best treatment of eczema would be when you can’t avoid the heat like when we go away to Disney.  He told us to try an over the counter ointment.  He told us to keep putting lotion on her, and try to keep her out of the heat as much as possible.  How do you keep someone out of the heat in Florida?  It’s always hot there, and the wife thinks we should go during the winter months so we don’t have as major of a problem.  Now this means we have to work around her school days, and holidays.

What are your thoughts about the heat in Florida, and things like eczema?

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