Disney And Clean Energy

For many years I have been amazed by what the power of the sun can really do for us.  Many years ago I started going on the Epcot attraction “Universe of Energy.”  This ride is partially powered by solar electricity.  This saves some serious money as far as I am concerned.


The original Universe of Energy pavilion itself was an innovation in energy technology, as the entire roof was covered in 80,000 photovoltaic solar cells that partially powered the ride vehicles. Visitors were transported through the pavilion in large battery-powered “traveling theatre cars” that followed guide-wires embedded in the floor as opposed to riding along conventional ride tracks. The original attraction featured numerous films that presented information on the subject of energy in a serious fashion as well as a ride through a primeval diorama complete with animatronic dinosaurs.

So why hasn’t Disney put more solar into their parks?

I am sure that there must be some reason that Disney hasn’t implemented solar into the parks, but they have not released any formal answer to this question.  From everything that I have read the only “Green” thing that they have accomplished to date is the replacement of light bulbs with LED bulbs.  This is a big savings.

I am taking the leap ahead with solar.  I started by checking out all of the options for New Jersey energy savings.  I couldn’t afford to purchase the system, so I am doing a lease.  I still get all the benefits of lower priced electric.

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