Wishing For A Disney Mediterranean Cruise

My wife has been telling me that she would like to take a different cruise, other than the ones that we have been on.  We have done the 3, 4, and 7day cruise.  She is now only dreaming of taking a Mediterranean Cruise.  It is a 10, or a 11 night itinerary.  There is also a 7, and 8 night Barcelona to Dover cruise.  The 10 night is @ $5675.60 for the cheapest stateroom, while the 11 night is @ $6975.60.  Either of these prices do not include any airfare, or other costs.

10-Night Itinerary
Wednesday Barcelona, Spain (embarkation)
Thursday At Sea
Friday Palermo, Sicily
Saturday Naples, Italy (Pompeii)
Sunday Olbia, Sardinia
Monday Civitavecchia, Italy (Rome)
Tuesday La Spezia, Italy (Florence & Pisa)
Wednesday Marseille, France
Thursday Villefranche, France
Friday At Sea
Saturday Barcelona, Spain (debarkation)
11 Night Itinerary
Saturday Barcelona, Spain (embarkation)
Sunday At Sea
Monday Palermo, Sicily
Tuesday Naples, Italy (Pompeii)
Wednesday Olbia, Sardinia
Thursday Civitavecchia, Italy (Rome)
Friday At Sea
Saturday La Spezia, Italy (Florence & Pisa)
Sunday Marseille, France
Monday Villefranche, France
Tuesday At Sea
Wednesday Barcelona, Spain (debarkation)

I told her that if we did that then we would need to travel to Barcelona to do so.  We would need to find a place to stay, as the cruise leaves from Barcelona.  Some people stay in hotels, apartments, or even Villas in Spain when they go on this cruise.  They do this because they need to find a place to stay prior to, or after the cruise.  While this is nice it could get a bit pricey for this type of vacation.  I will continue looking, and down the road when we are really interested in going, then I will look into Tourist information about the area.

Check here for Great deals on apartment and villas in Barcelona.

I would love to give everyone a report on this cruise, but at this time I really can’t afford this trip.  After my little one grows up a bit maybe I can afford to go on this cruise just my wife, and I.  If anyone else has gone on this, then please let me know what you thought.

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