Mickey Swimming Pools Are Cool

I am a big Disney person.  I am continually checking through the tv guide for shows that involve Disney.  One of the best types of shows that I really enjoy are the Disney “Makeover” shows.   I envy the people on those shows because they actually have a one of a kind Disney creation in their home, and it isn’t something you can buy for any money.

Before I got our swimming pool I told my wife that I would love to have a Mickey pool.  The problem would have been size, and safety.  I believe in having a totally seperate swimming pool fence in addition to the yard fence.  Do a Google search for Mickey swimming pools.  You will find quite a few imitations, but not a true Mickey head.  A Mickey pool fenced off would be a unique fencing job unless you just put a square fence around the head.

Have you ever thought about the different things you could do with your swimming pool?

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