Making Custom Stuff For Disney Cruises

Over the past few cruises my wife and I have gotten involved in making t-shirts, magnets, and fish extenders.  This year I am heading one of the groups of cruisers for each of the 2 cruises.  I like to make unique things, and don’t like to have something that others have.  This year I have designed a one of a kind picture for the t-shirts.  Everyone has said that they like the design, and that is good.

What I have done is taken some stock graphics, and scanned them into my software with my Brother MFC 7420 all in one.  I use Corel Paint Shop Pro, and find that this is one of the easiest graphic software titles that are available.  Next I do some creative erasing, cleaning, morphing, and mixing with other photos.  I do the same thing to make my stateroom magnets.  The finished product is almost Disney quality.  Being I don’t sell the t-shirts for profit I am pretty well set with not getting in any trouble with Disney.

have you ever made a t-shirt, or something that you have designed your own graphic?  What software do you use?

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