Vacationing & The Economy

We decided last year that we would have to cut our vacationing down to once a year because money just isn’t what it used to be.  I was looking over my reservations for this year, and realized that I was going to be paying @$400 for a campsite at Ft. Wilderness.  Can you believe that?  @$400 for 3 nights on a site, and I supply my camper.  Thinking about the money we would be spending just in transporting the camper, and time I would have to add onto the travel was all it took.  I called Disney, and asked them for a price for a room at the All Stars, and they told me that it was @400.  I thought about it, and being that it is only for a few days prior to staying at Old Key West we decided that we would look around to see what the outside was charging.

We checked with one of our favorite locations.  The Palms Hotel & Villas told me that they were @$250 for the same days.  Now, I realize that they aren’t on grounds, and for most that may be important, but for us we are driving, and The Palms is actually closer to Disney than most would believe.


Has anyone else had to modify their vacation plans because of the economy?

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