Things I Would Like To Know About DVC

Being a DVC member I have a few thoughts about a few things…

These are things that I have thought up because after all DVC members are in it for the long haul… Regular vacationers aren’t making the investment we are.

  1. With the money we pay, and comfort of “HOME” why don’t we have outdoor cushions on the chairs on our patios?
  2. Why can’t we pool hop to Stormalong Bay?
  3. Why don’t they offer some sort of Dining points?  Like 1-2 points per night per person for meals…
  4. Why can’t they allow DVC to get discounts on things in more than just 1 or 2 places?
  5. When are they going to offer the additional years to the other DVC resorts?  (They offered them to OKW owners)

These are just a few of the questions I have come up with over the years of owning DVC.  If you have any insight please feel free to comment here with your thoughts.

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