Add Some More Thrill And Understanding

It was always a rumor about another land in Disney World.  Villain Mountain I believe was the rumored name.  I have been going to Disney World since I was a baby.  I enjoy going on vacation there.  I have discussed with many other Disney lovers that Disney does need to add a little bit more flair to the parks.

I also see that Disney is a bit more strict with their handicapped policies.  From my understanding a handicapped person needs to go to Town Hall in Magic Kingdom to get a pass from them in order to use the handicapped entrances in the Magic Kingdom.  I know wheelchair people that have problems getting Disney to do anything because they don’t have necessary info upon going to the Guest Relations at the parks.  I would have thought that they wouldn’t give an issue to people that have shoulder braces, casts, wheelchairs, or other necessary needs.  During peak times this is pretty much thrown out the window from what I have witnessed.  They make everyone wait the same during certain times.

Disney is a great place, but they do need to think about some change.  Change is good.  Even if the executives don’t think they are… They might be.


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