Disney Treehouse Villas

We got to walk through the Saratoga Springs DVC Preview Center when we were in Disney.  When you first walk in you are presented with a 3d scaled size model of the new Treehouse Villas.

The Treehouse Villas are nestled in the woods between Old Key West, and Saratoga Springs.

The original treehouses were replaced for many reasons.  The new Treehouse Villas will be part of the Saratoga Springs Resort.  The new units will still have the preserved octagonal shape.

There will be 60 units.  Each unit is supposed to be equivalent to a 3 bedroom unit.  Each unit is capable of sleeping up to 9 people.  These villas will be @ 10 feet off of the ground.

Saratoga Resort owners are able to book up to 11 months prior to arrival, and others are able to book up to 7 months prior to arrival.

I have included a photo that I found on the internet.


Here is a short video I took while I was at the Preview Center in Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort during April of this year.

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