Upcoming Vacation To Orlando

At the end of March we are taking a small trip down to Orlando.  We are going to stay in one of our timeshare resorts on Disney grounds.  This year it will be the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  For the most part we usually bounce around between Old Key West, and the Animal Kingdom Lodge because of point values on our DVC membership.  We have quite a bit of plans already made, but there are still some things that need attending to.  This year we have also made considerable changes to our clothing situation.  My wife is currently making sure that her shoes are going to be comfortable enough for the trip.  She always has aching feet by the end of our trip.  If we get there and she is having issues we may have to go out and find her some sort of better supporting sneakers, or even orthaheel sandals if they can be found.

We have 1 day in the Disney parks already arranged.  From there we will probably check out some of the area attractions.  Our daughter has gotten tired of Disney.  Now that I have said that I will add this… I never thought that any child of mine would grow tired of Disney.  I mean it’s not like we go into the parks every single day.  We usually only go into the parks 1 or 2 times.

During this trip we have already discussed that we mainly want to hit a few rides, and also check out the new additions to Fantasyland.  From the photos, and videos that I have seen I don’t foresee being disappointed with what they have accomplished.

One thing that I think that Disney should do is find some sort of way to give DVC members access to a special “Fastpass”.  After all the DVC members have spent quite a bit of money.

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Disney Magic Here We Come

In just about 3 weeks we leave for our 8 night cruise on the Disney Magic.  We are destined for the Bahamas, Castaway Cay, and Disney World.  We have both finished printing and finishing the shirts, and magnets for our group.  It took some time, but we got it finished.

My wife has finally started to organize what is going, and what needs to be packed.  We don’t want to bring a lot of luggage onboard with us, but there are necessities that are needed for a 8 night trip.  I have told my wife that we will more than likely pack enough for 4 nights and use the washer and dryer on the ship.  It is a shame we don’t have a timeshare for the day because we could then just wash and dry at the resort.

The family has been discussing if we are going to bring anything super formal for formal night, but we aren’t really formal people.  The rest of the packing will be normal stuff that is used all the time.  I have to go do some shopping with my daughter to find some cheap perfume for my wife.  My daughter is useful for some things when it comes to her mother / my wife.  There is only one thing that she must not pinch pennies on, and that is the sunscreen.  Last cruise I got sun poisoning, and don’t intend to get it again.

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Can’t Wait To See The FantasyLand Expansion

This year we are going to Disney World from the day after Christmas through the New Year.  We have not gone during this timeframe in many years.  This has a lot to do with money, family, and everything else.  Being that our daughter is in 6th grade we are more watchful of the days out of school.  In the past she might have missed 2-3 days because of a vacation.  This had a lot to do with how the school system can’t schedule anything to work with everyone.

Being that we are going in December we aren’t going to get to see any of the Fantasyland Expansion being completed for at least another year.  Next year we are taking an 8 night cruise out of New York on the Disney Cruise Line, but the 1 day that they give us into the parks that is included will not allow us to see much because time will not permit.

I have been checking out videos that have been posted by someone that goes to Disney a lot, and the Fantasyland Expansion looks like it is moving along rather nice.  I only wish that they were going to have something done for us to see when we go next month.

Maybe Disney can grant me one of many unusual presents and let me check out what is being done.

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Some Flower & Garden Photos

Here is our first album of photos.

These are flowers and more throughout the parks.  This will be updated daily while we are in Disney.

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Disney Planning With Friends

Vacation with friends has been something that we wanted to do for many years.  This past October we met up with a friend of ours in Disney.  They ended up staying in our timeshare because they wanted to stay in some nice accomodations rather than staying in just a standard hotel.  This coming trip we are going back, and we asked if they wanted to go back.  They said that they couldn’t, but wanted to because they had a blast.  Betweeen my planning, and helping with their vacation they had nothing to worry about.

I asked another of our friends, and they said that they would think about it, but they currently had reservations at some gulf shores condos.  I asked why they wanted to do that, and thye told me that they wanted to just go and relax for once.  I told them that if anything changed they could let me know.

This Easter we are staying in Old Key West.  We have been waitlisted for the Animal Kingdom Villas again, but that doesn’t look very promising at this point.  We liked the Animal Kingdom Villas because it was nice to be able to look out our window to see animals, and the environment there is very nice.

We have always stayed in Old Key West in the past, and that was due to the fact that Old Key West used the least amount of vacation points from the DVC.  After looking over the recently modified DVC planner we found that Old Key West is not the cheapest point usage locations.  We have now started to revamp our future plans based on this so that we don’t waste any points.

In 2011 we are planning on going on the Disney Dream.  We have made the decision that we are going to do a 3 night, and then a 4 night immediatelly after.  We have done the 3 night, and the 4 night previously, but we want to do another 7 nights, and pricewise this is the only way that I can afford it, and also the Disney Dream isn’t doing 7 nights at that point in time so we are going to do whatever we have to in order to get on that cruise.

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